What’s fueling Yukon's energy?

Vital fuels make life possible for Yukoners. When responsibly extracted and carefully regulated, these fuels drive both our daily lives and the way forward into a brighter future. For Yukoners across our territory, this is clear every day, in the fuels that power our cars, heat our homes, and light our streets. Gasoline, diesel, and natural gas all keep Yukon’s economy moving – people, products, and ideas are given access throughout the territory, the rest of Canada, and world markets.

Why now?

There’s no doubt that these fuels are essential. But it’s time to ask how we can meet demand for all the purposes that these fuels serve, all while reducing inefficiencies and our carbon footprint.

This starts with learning about the present – how we use them today, where they come from, how they’re regulated – and learning about the potential – how fuel use can be done better.

Yukoners are seeing this opportunity. They’re in rural communities. They’re looking for jobs, for work, for themselves, their families, and their neighbours. They’re First Nations dedicated to ensuring vibrant futures for their citizens. They’re concerned about greenhouse gas emissions. They’re residents in areas where energy isn’t reliably supplied. They’re leaders, in business and the public sector.

They want a path to local prosperity for secure futures. They realize that the distances their fuels travel just don’t make sense anymore. They care about guaranteeing stewardship of our lands and waters. They wonder how our economy will continue to grow while meeting emissions reduction targets.

How did this project come about?

We’re a project for Yukoners, by Yukoners.

Fueling Yukon's Economy is an initiative of the Energy Committee of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, which represents the voice of the business community in every sector of the economy. Creating opportunity for Yukon, today and tomorrow, is at the heart of the Chamber’s vision. 

The Chamber’s work for a thriving Yukon  makes it possible for us to build this movement to equip Yukoners for an informed dialogue about vital fuels.

How can I get involved?

If you live in Yukon, you’re from Yukon, or you care about its future, you have a stake in what we’re doing. This project is about our shared future and securing solutions to the biggest challenge to it – the fuels that we depend on.

Show your support for what we’re doing: add your name to the growing movement for a locally-fueled Yukon.

Tell your friends and family about us. We'll need momentum to successfully engage all Yukoners in this dialogue.

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