Fact Sheet

94% of Yukoners try to conserve energy wherever possible, said a recent poll.

This isn't news for a local – it ties into a strong respect for the environment shared by everyone who appreciates the beauty of where we live. Keeping Yukon and the rest of our planet in good shape is a fundamental value, and it's not one that should be sacrificed by our need for fuels for life in the North. Optimizing our fuel use is the necessary solution for maintaining a solid track record on both reflecting values and fulfilling needs.

80% of all energy use in Yukon is fossil-fuel based.

Whether it's keeping Yukon on the move or ensuring it's possible to live far North in winter, these fuels are vital to our lives.

100% of transportation here relies on fuels like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, or even LNG.

This is the largest part of consumption, in terrajoules, by a long shot. Our 4,000 km of highways and the necessity of aviation for accessing remote areas makes fuel for transportation an essential good for day-to-day life in Yukon. The kicker? It’s all imported, the farthest thing from the self-sufficiency we require to grow economically.

99% of demand for electricity is met via hydroelectricity.

The rest depends on diesel, for the most part – but there have been efforts to move to LNG to reduce cost and produce cleaner energy. Winter conditions especially make hydro less than perfect when river flows are reduced. Further yet, many communities aren’t connected to the main grid. We must encourage energy innovation. Similarly, we must streamline current approaches to fully handling energy demand so that until we can emit nothing as a territory, we can emit less by acquiring and using our fossil fuels as effectively as possible.

Just under 50% of our GDP (gross domestic product) comes from government spending.

The private sector needs to grow, soon. Investment, jobs, training – natural resources already play such a huge part in the creation of these in Yukon. Mining and energy are the real drivers of the economy here, and if properly handle, we stand to benefit by using them to secure an opportunity-filled future.