Where our fuels come from

While the issue of revenue leakage through imported fuels has resonated for years in Yukon, it took a thoughtful research paper to put it back on the agenda in Fall 2015.

At the Opportunities North conference held in Whitehorse in October 2015, researcher Benjamin Ryan shared some findings that immediately provoked a storm of interest. His paper was titled: 

Participating in Vital Energy Needs -The Benefits of a Yukon Fuel Supply Chain A Yukon Fuel Import Displacement and Socio-Economic Benefits Analysis

The title might be a mouthful, but the idea was simple enough: Yukon imports all its liquid fuels, and this costs the northern economy a great deal of money. 

Not only is this costly, the problem is projected to grow in future according to Ryan's data. 

Watch the Fueling Yukon's Economy project for future updates as our understanding of the subject grows.


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