Finding a common base of understanding

How can we build the local economy in a responsible, clean way and create more good jobs for Yukoners?

Fuels are vital for life here. When responsibly extracted and carefully regulated, these fuels drive both our daily lives and the way forward into a brighter future.

For Yukoners across our territory, this is clear every day, in the fuels that power our cars, heat our homes, and light our streets. Gasoline, diesel, heating oil, aviation fuels and natural gas all keep Yukon’s economy moving. Fueling Yukon’s economy means that people, products, and ideas can move freely throughout the territory, the rest of Canada, and world markets.

Championed by the Yukon Chamber of Commerce, this project is a vital step forward. Many Yukoners have been asking for an informed conversation on the fuels that drive our economy. This is the start of it. We hope you will join our dialogue.

What would you like to learn more about?

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