Moving forward into a bright Yukon future

There’s been a conversation brewing about fuel use in Yukon for a while. Living in Northern Canada, it’s a reality we confront every day – our use of fuels like gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. To power our vehicles, move goods and heat homes, these fuels are essential.


On May 25, the Yukon Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative to discuss the sheer importance of fuels to our lives and to our economy. We couldn’t have timed it any better.  With the introduction of the Fueling Yukon's Economy project, important context is being created to understand these vital issues. 

It’s timely because Yukon has begun grappling with these issues on a really significant scale in the last few years. So now’s the time to learn, weigh in, and make substantive contributions on the future of the territory.

Chamber president Peter Turner and the Energy Committee are spearheading Fueling Yukon’s Economy. Peter’s economics background has ensured that Yukon’s specific energy challenges can be understood in the context of decisions that will be made by consumers, businesses and government. As he demonstrated, there is clear evidence of a strong reliance today on costly imported fuels.


As launch week continued for Fueling Yukon’s Economy.  A well-attended workshop on May 26 tackled the realities of importing almost all of our energy into the Yukon. Here are some of the key points that were made by participants:

  • If we continue to do nothing, the problem is only going to get bigger.
  • Participants were surprised to hear that the type of oil we have in the Yukon can be extracted using conventional drilling techniques.
  • It's important to make this a "values or interests" based conversation to avoid polarization.

For those genuinely concerned with environment sustainability (and today that’s almost everybody), it seems like the status quo is not a popular option.

To both meet our demands and step forward into a more secure future, major questions on Yukon’s present and future energy use must be addressed. This project hopes to do that.

The Fueling Yukon’s Economy effort is dedicated to getting information about the fuels behind Yukon’s economy out there and to providing a platform for the conversations necessary to move us to a more economically and environmentally sustainable future. It’s a project that needs everyone on board, and that will be our mission over the coming weeks and months.

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